POST: 'White Rabbit Red Rabbit' - a famous actor, a script, go

What's it about?

Honestly, I can't say. The show itself tells the audience to simply go for the experience because what's the fun in knowing what it's about? It's all about the experience, so you can't research or talk about it. This show is under major hush hush. Sorry. 

What'd I experience?

Okay okay. I'll tell you a little bit. A TINY bit, okay? It'll be our little secret. A famous actor, which varies each night, gets the script on stage and performs the piece. There. Satisfied?

There's not much I can say without giving anything away, which presents me with a bit of a challenge. How can I write about my experience and say nothing at the same time? I see what you did there. Challenge accepted. 

Wayne Brady was the actor of the night, and he was HILARIOUS. I definitely chose the perfect night to see the show. He would do this thing where he would raise his hand mid script to tell you his thoughts, something I've never seen before and wanted to see more of in the future. It made it feel more personal like I was in his mind. I was in Wayne Brady's mind y'all, and it was awesome. It had me DYING. The rest of the audience was too, and people laughed so hard and for so long that we even got Wayne Brady laughing.

I don't know what was up with him that night, but he would pronounce words weird. Don't get me wrong. I loved it. He would say suppose as sypoyse and poision as poyyyyzzzon.  He was a good sport and laughed to himself, which was nice to see. It showed that he was out of his element and on the journey with the audience. We were together. For a moment in time.......let me have this, okay? He wasn't a performer on stage. He was human and made mistakes just like me. 

Wayne Brady would also add words that weren't in the script. You had one job, man. ONE. JOB. He would incorporate these random words into the sentences from animals to colors. He even paused his performance to comment on his adlibing. "Why am I adding adjectives? This isn't a fill-in." I sat there curious about why he chose to add those words and what he was really thinking about. I may have been in Wayne Brady's head, but I sadly didn't have VIP access. 

There was tons of audience interaction, and the people picked made it that much funnier. Some of the audience members chosen would really get into their character. I mean they WERE that character, and I had some favorites. Wayne Brady got all excited when they were on stage. He would give them a fist bump, a nod of approval, or exclaim "YYYEEESSSS!!!!!" The audience members who were shy didn't get off easy. He kindly tried getting them into their character, and when he found another audience member that embodied that character, he would say "THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT! YESSS!" I felt like the audience was really fun and open to not only the show but the interaction between them and the performer. I felt like we were one big family. I'm gonna miss that big family.  

Want to see it?