$32.50 - 'The Lion King'

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Lowest Price: $32.50

Online Lottery - A limited number of tickets per performance will be sold to winners of a digital lottery drawing until 9 AM on the day of the show.

What else is out there:

$157.50 Todaytix -  A free app that gives you access to theater tickets within a week. For this ticket: $145, added fees: $12.50 surcharge. Tickets vary by date

For now, regular priced tickets are available (prices vary, fees: $11)

What It's About:

Lion drama ensues in the Pridelands. Hakuna Matata!
#blackpower #rafiki #circleoflife #talkinganimals

When It Is:

Starts: Now showing
Ends: No closing date scheduled

Tues, Wed at 7pm
Thurs-Sat at 8pm
Sat at 2pm
Sun at 1pm
Sun at 6:30pm

Where It Is:

Minskoff Theatre
200 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036


More information at http://www.lionking.co

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