$30.50 - 'That Physics Show!'

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What it's about:

What damage can a ping pong ball do as it hurtles at 700 miles an hour through a vacuum tube? Can you see the shape of sound in a dancing flame? OH NO! That bowling ball is going to smash him in the face...but it didn't! Lifetime professional physics demonstrator David Maiullo brings his scientific "magic" from the world of physics to the stage in THAT PHYSICS SHOW!

THAT PHYSICS SHOW features live segments on motion, momentum, vacuum, friction, energy, density, fluid motion, sound waves/vibrations, light waves, temperature and many more from the world in which we live, a world controlled by physics. You’ve never seen anything like this before!

When it is:

Now showing

No end date scheduled

Where it is:

Elektra Theatre
300 West 43rd Street
New York, NY


More information at www.thatphysicsshow.com

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