$42 - 'Pretty Woman'

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Lowest price: $42

General Rush - On sale when the box office opens on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited to 2 per person, subject to availability.

What else is out there:

$45 Digital Lottery - Submit online form. Lottery opens 7 PM day prior to desired performance. Lottery closes 9 AM day of performance. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Tickets are non-transferrable. Tickets must be retrieved at the box office starting 30 minutes before the performance time. Multiple entries for a single performance by a single guest will result in disqualification. See website for full details. Purchase using credit card. $42, plus $2.50 in fees.

$64 TKTS - You have to go there to buy a ticket, you can’t access online. But it’s usually good seats. So it’s more buck but more bang. Prices may change depending on date and time. For this ticket: $58, added fees: $6

$81.50 TodayTix - A free app that gives you access to theater tickets within a week. For this ticket: $69, added fees: $12.50 surcharge

$82.45 Playbill Club: This site gives you access to discount code for tickets. It redirects through other ticketing sites telecharge, ticketmaster, ticket central, etc. and those add fees. For this ticket: $69, added fees: $13.45

$93.45 Regular Priced Ticket - For this ticket, $79, with added fees: $14.45

What it is:

Rich man buys a week of a sex-worker’s time.
#makeover #romance? #basedon…

When it is:

Starts: July 20th, 2018
Ends: Currently Running

Where it is:

Nederlander Theatre
208 W 41st St , New York, NY 10036


More information at https://prettywomanthemusical.com/