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Its February 29, 1940, the night of the 1939 Academy Awards, the Golden Age of Hollywood. Bette is nominated for Best Actress in the film, Dark Victory. The war in Europe is escalating, causing Canada to join the fight, but here in America, for one night, all eyes and ears are waiting for news of the Oscars. At 8:45pm, the Los Angeles Times LEAKS the Oscar winners. Vivien Leigh beats Bette for Best Actress for her portrayal of Scarlet OHara in Gone With the Wind. 

With newspaper in hand, the Bold, Deviant, Disillusioned Davis walks out of the Oscars  Back in her Hollywood living room, Jessica Sherr powerfully channels Ms. Davis fuming, frustrated, and facing disillusionment once again, she takes us on a bumpy ride that portrays a tumultuous entry onto the Silver Screen, fighting misogyny every step of the way to win roles and compensation on a par with her male counterparts, decades before this would even become a political movement. In these private moments, and in calls to her biggest fan and strongest antagonist her mother, Ruthie we get a look at the vulnerable and injured side of the great star, imprisoned by her own ambition, who may often be knocked down, but will not stay down and complain like a sissy. 

Though her battles and victories were generations ago, her story is an inspiration that empowers all humans to fight for what you believe in, to be treated fairly, and to never be defined by anothers expectations of you. Witness Bettes most defining moments as a tenacious star fighting her way to the top!!  BETTE DAVIS AINT FOR SISSIES offers audiences a humanizing look into the mind of an icon whose voice could not be quelled.  See what happens when someone who always wants to win.... loses.

With humor and unabashed frankness Jessica Sherr journeys into Bette Davis battle to win freedom from the grip and control of the Hollywood studio moguls, in a dynamic performance that is mesmerizing to watch (Edinburgh Guide) and worthy of an Oscar (Mumble Theater). The magnificently witty (The List) and tour de force (Quotidian Times), "performer and creator Sherr introduces audiences to a previously unseen side of Hollywoods Bette Davis: one that is vulnerable, insecure and imprisoned by ambition.




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