$50- 'I'm Not A Comedian... I'm Lenny Bruce'


Lowest Price: $50

$50 - Side of theater or Balcony
$70 - Middle of theater/floor
$125 - VIP (u fancy)

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What it’s about:

I’m Not A Comedian…I’m Lenny Bruce stars Ronnie Marmo brilliantly chronicling the life and death of the most controversial comedian of all time: Lenny Bruce. Busted for obscenity, Lenny fought for freedom of speech all the way to the Supreme Court. He accidentally died of an overdose in 1966, while out on appeal.

When it is:

Opens October 28th, 2018
Closes December 30th, 2018

Where it is:

The Cutting Room
44 E. 32nd St
New York, NY

More Information at : https://www.lennybruceonstage.com/