$27- 'Selkie'


Lowest Price: $27

$25 + $2 Service : General Admission
$40 + $2 Premium Reserved Seating

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What it’s about:

American couple Keaton and Deanna, saddled with debt and buoyed by lust-driven optimism, move abroad for a fresh start. In their attempt to reinvent themselves as enterprising expats, they’re plunged into a torrid triangle with Alondra, an alluring and mischievous Selkie (half-woman half-seal). Keaton’s aggression and Deanna’s complicity in Alondra’s exploitation result in a maelstrom of perverse romance and wet revenge in this dark, funny, and saturated exploration of domestic violence – of being trapped – and two approaches to escape.

When it is:

Opens November 30th, 2018
Closes December 22nd, 2018

Tuesday- Saturday @ 8PM
Sundays @ 3PM
No showings on Mondays

Where it is:

Wild Project
195 E 3rd St
New York New York 10009

More Information at : http://thewildproject.com/performances/