$32 - 'The Hard Problem'


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What is it about:

THE HARD PROBLEM introduces a young woman, Hilary (Adelaide Clemens), a psychology student who is newly employed as a research assistant at a neuroscience think-tank financed by a hedge-fund billionaire. He believes the brain and the ability to map and understand it are the key to predicting financial patterns, human behavior and more. But as Hilary’s career advances she and her colleagues struggle with what scientists call ‘the hard problem’ which asks: if the brain is made of nothing but facts, what is consciousness? For Hilary the possibility of genuine altruism, without a hidden Darwinian self-interest, depends on the answer. Meanwhile she is nursing a private sorrow. She needs a miracle and prays for one every day.

When it is:

Opens November 19th, 2018
Closes January 6th, 2018

Where it is:

Lincoln Center Theater -
Mitzi E. Newhouse
150 West 65th Street

More information: https://www.lct.org/shows/hard-problem/