Welcome Teacher.

My name is Patrick Berger and I'm the Editor of PXP, a project of tdf.

I want to introduce you to PXP, a resource for all young theatregoers (and hopefully that includes your students). 

PXP 's goal is two fold:
1) to help remove all the perceived and actual barriers to theatergoing for young people, and
2) build a community of young people interested in theatre as both audience members and artists.

What is PXP?

The specifics, for now:

  1. POSTs - where young audience members reflect on and narrate their theatergoing experience. 
  2. TICKETS - PXP lists the lowest price available to young theatergoers for all Broadway, Off Broadway, off-Off, High School, College and Dance. 
  3. FAQs - PXP's staff writers share theatergoing expectations and helpful hints.  
  4. OPPORTUNITIES - PXP lists programs, internships, classes and more that are available to young people interested in getting more into theater. 
  5. We also love to communicate -- with weekly emails, monthly emails, AND twitter, facebook and instagram love daily. So sign up and encourage your students to, as well.

And PXP continues to grow. So check back here for updates or follow us via email or social media.

How can you engage, as a teacher?

  • Please share PXP with your students - both the resources involves, and also the many pieces of student writing. 
  • Your students can submit a POST for publication. If you are wondering the guidelines for a POST, check out this page. We have a helpful animation there.
  • This one is important - If you and your students are working on a production or will be, we would LOVE to have one of your students reflect on that creative process. Also, we would love to send a writer to experience that work and write about it. But first, we have to know about it.  Email us at pxp@tdf.org to let us know.

If you want something to give to your students, drop us an email (with how many students you have as well as your address) at pxp@tdf.org and we will send you our handy PXP info brochure.  

Are you involved in a TDF school program?

If so, we have a handy exercise to help your students get to a stronger comment about their experience. 

You can find it here

If you want to contact us for any of those reason, or have any questions or any comments...
we welcome them all at:


We hope to hear from you soon!