#SEEN is made possible by submissions from young audience members across NYC.

SEEN Magazine is made possible by submissions from young audience members across New York City. If you have anything you’d like to share, hit us up here.

But first, take a sec to learn about the #SEEN style...

Here are a few guidelines to think about while you are writing...

1. You are not a critic. So please, let go of critique. The artists have made their choices, let's not question them.

2. Keep it personal. That means everything should be written in "I" statements and you should avoid generalizing. If you laughed, let us know, don't tell us the audience thought it was funny.

3. Think about connections. How did you connect to the show? What moments gave you strong emotional responses? Where did your life intersect with the show and characters?

4. Keep it casual. Write as if you are talking to a friend. 

5. Be honest. If you went to the playbill to find an actors name, tell us. 

6. It includes the PRE and POST. Your experience includes what happened leading up to the show as well as what happened after. How did those affect your experience of the show?

At SEEN we don't critique, we narrate our personal experience of going to a show. That includes thoughts, feelings, questions, & whatever else your journey had.

Second, share your writing with SEEN. 

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Third, wait and see. SEEN will be in touch.

If SEEN decides to publish your experience (we are mostly checking to make sure it matches the SEEN style), SEEN will buy you a ticket to your next show... sound like a good deal?