So, you saw a show. 

Now, we at SEEN want to hear a little more from you about your experience of it.

To start.

Think back to before the show... tell SEEN a little about what happened leading up to the show.
What did you know about the show? What were your expectations for the show? 

Now, to the show.

Tell us about your experience during the show. Was there a moment that you remember? Why? Was there anything you connected to in the show? 

After the show.

How did you feel after the show? Was there anything you wanted to talk about after the show or tell someone?

Reread what you wrote in the three boxes above. What was the most important part of your experience related to this show?  Try to fit that into a sentence or two and write it in the box below.

Now, copy that (highlight it and hit ctrl+C, command+C on a mac).

Then, which show did you see? 

Click it below and paste your experience in the comments box at the bottom of the page. Once you have dropped it in, take a moment to read other students' experiences from around NYC and don't be afraid to comment on another's experience comment. 

Want to know more about PXP?

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