People at: 'The Flick'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What made you want to come see The Flick?

A: I like Annie Baker, I read something by her that was also directed by a woman. I just like to see plays written and directed by women as much as humanly possible. There is not enough women-directed theater and women playwrights that get put up and I like to support it. I feel like it is important and I’m tired of the same old straight white man bullshit.  Usually they have better female characters, usually it has a better tone. 

Q: With this show in particular  did you do any research before buying your tickets?

A: Yeah. I like shows with long conversations that are the bulk of a show. The goal is to be moved in some way. To have some kind of thought. I just want to feel something! 

Q: How often do you come see theater?

A: I used to live here, but I live in LA now. So whenever I come here I try to go because LA has no theater. It’s a terrible city. I just saw Fun Home last night and tomorrow I’m seeing something else. I try to get as much while I can while I’m here.