People at: 'Motherstruck'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: How did you hear about the show tonight? 

A: (left) On a website—it just looked really interesting. 

A: (right) And Cynthia Nixon. 

A: (left) Yes! She is directing Steve as well, which I really want to see. 

Q: Have you seen any of Cynthia Nixon’s work before?

A: (left) Just Sex in the City …. the gayest of all answers. 

Q: What was it about this show that sounded so interesting to the two of you?

A: (left) I always like gay plays, because I’m gay. The Cynthia Nixon thing was a big deal. My husband loves Cynthia Nixon so he was kind of the one that also said you should totally check this out. 

Q: Did you do any additional research about the show? 

A: (left) No, I see a ton of shows so I’m not good about doing a ton of research.

A: (right) I normally like to do a bunch of research. I don’t like to come unprepared, but I’ve been extremely busy lately. 

Q: How many shows do you see per month on average?

A: (left) Probably 15-20. 


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