People at: 'Motherstruck'

Jeanette Moses

Jeanette Moses

Q: What brings you out tonight?

A: Staceyann Chin is so cool. I’m also gay and I think it is so awesome that she had a child on her own as a single woman.

Q: What are you expecting?

A: I think it will be pretty personal. I think it will be engaging and entertaining because of Staceyann and the people backing it. I have very high expectations. 

Q: How often do you come out and see theater?

A: Maybe once a month. Not as much as I should. I love seeing it, but I’m just very busy. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is just getting into theater and wanting to find new shows to see?

A: Think outside the box, talk to people and read everything you can. Expand outside of Broadway. 


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