People at: 'Grand Paradise'

Q: What was it about Grand Paradise that sounded interesting to the two of you?

A: (left) I actually got the tickets for Christmas. I wanted to see Then She Fell, but didn’t. Loved Queen of the Night

Q: Do you have any expectations for what tonight’s show will be like?

A: (right) I’ve heard it is very hedonist. I don’t know how that is going to crystallize… 

Q: What is it about immersive theater that is appealing to you?

A: (left) I like that when the audience is involved it becomes a psychological experience as well. It’s not just about witnessing the action and drama. 


Want to see it?

$95 - $115 Tickets
(they do not offer discounts)

Grand Paradise
383 Troutman St. (Bushwick)
thru Mar. 31