People at: 'Grand Paradise'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What was it about this show that sounded interesting to you?

A: I I read a piece, back before it opened, talking about how the company that made Then She Fell was making another piece. I didn’t see Then She Fell—I saw Sleep No More way back when—but I had heard from people who had done it that it was really cool. I’m just here for a couple days from Boston visiting family and so I suggested this to something that we could do together.

Q: What is it about this style of immersive theater that you enjoy?

A: I enjoy a lot of traditional theater also, but I’m really interested in the compromises in theater. When you put together a traditional show usually the director is making it so everyone in the audience is seeing the same thing. What I think is really cool with this type of thing is that everyone is getting a different experience. How do you make something that is meaningful while surrendering a lot of that freedom. No one gets to see everything, so how do you make it so what people do see is worthwhile. It’s also cool to do with other folks because after you can compare notes. 

Q: So it sounds like you are planning to split up with the people who you are meeting here tonight once you are inside the show—why is that?

A: When we did Sleep No More they told us to separate. My understanding is that we are going to get dragged around and we aren’t going to stay together.


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Grand Paradise
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