PRE: People at 'Red Speedo'

Q: What brings you out to see this show tonight?

A: (right) I’m acquaintances with Alex Breaux who is in it. We went to Julliard. And also I took a clown workshop with Lucas Caleb Rooney. 

Q: It sounds like you exist within the theater world…

A: (right) We both do. 

Q: What is it that you guys do?

A: (left) We are actors and we are in a mime theater company. 

A: (right) A lot of physical theater. A lot of funny things. 

Q: Why is it important to come and see new works?

A: (right) We are huge advocates for that because that is part of the work that we do.

A: (left) It’s also just fun to be on the ground floor of something. It’s fun to be in the know. 

A: (right) It is. And it is fun to see things that are in production or in workshop. 

Q: What recommendations would you give someone who was just getting into the theater world?

A: (right) Go see shows. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to people after performances and say that you like your work. 

A: (left) Figure out what you like and who you like. Follow them throughout their careers and just keep up with what they are doing.