PRE: People at 'Privacy'

Q: What brings you out tonight?
A: A friend of mine had an extra comp, but I had seen a lot of stuff on Instagram and Facebook about it. I mentioned it to some of my co-workers over the last couple of days and they told me you just couldn’t get a ticket to it. It’s also Daniel Radcliffe. I just had to see it. It seems like an intimate space, something that could possibly transfer given the star power that is behind it. So I figure, with things like Hamilton, I’d better see it now before it gets crazy and I can’t get a ticket. 

Q: Why are you excited to see Radcliffe on a stage this size?
A: I think it will show his versatility. It shows that he doesn’t want to just do commercial things, I think it is going to be a chance for people who know him from Harry Potter to see that he can stretch himself. 

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