PRE: People at 'Hadestown'

Q: Where are the two of you visiting from and how long will you be in New York?
A (left): Toronto. We’ve been here for a week and we are leaving tomorrow evening. 

Q: Why was coming to see some theater while you were here an important part of the trip?
A (left): We’re actually both actors…
A (right): It was the trip basically.
A (left): We’re really into Off Broadway stuff and new, innovative theater. We did see a few commercial shows, but we really wanted to see this because the music is amazing and we wanted to check out all kinds of different things. This is one of the highlights for sure. 
A (right): I’ve also never been to New York Theater Workshop before. I like to try to get to as many of the different Off Broadway companies as I can anytime that I come. 

Q: How many shows have the two of you seen on this trip?

A (right): This will be our 9th, and then our 10th tomorrow. 
A (left): This is what we spent all of our money on.