PRE: People at 'The Illusory Adventures of a Dreamer'

Q: What made you want to come see this show?
A: (right) Our roommate is in it! 

Q: Nice. What is he doing?
A: (left) He is a tree.
A: (right) His name is Adam, he is in the ensemble. He plays a lot of things apparently. 
A: (left) A tree, a three headed troll!
A: (right) He says he doesn't really have lines, but he does a lot of great characters. 

Q: Do you have any expectations?
A: (right) Oh, we're going to laugh. 
A: (left) Not in a mocking way, but just because we know him so well. 
A: (right) We just can't wait. 
A: (left) He says that if we sit in the front row we will be danced all up on. 
A: (right) It will be fun. We expect a lot of fun.