PRE: People at 'Dot'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: So it looks like you know the playwright.. 

A: Actually I just met him tonight. 

Q: Oh interesting! Well, what was it about this show that made you seek it out?

A: I work in the industry, I’m a producer, and I was advised to come see this show by a playwright and a director that I know from England. He said that he had written with him before and this show was really worth seeing. 

Q: As a producer, why is it important to come support the work of others in this industry?

A: Theater wouldn’t survive without an audience and people who love it. Everything you see, you learn from, whether it is good or frankly awful. You want to go and see things develop, because that will inspire you back. It doesn’t just inspire you in theater, it inspires you in life.