PRE: People at 'Dementia Americana'

Q: What made you want to come check this show out?
A: I’m very close friends with the writers and some of the performers. I know them, I was actually going to audition for the piece, but the show date conflicted with another very important date, so I had to not audition. I’m excited to come see it, as soon as it was in the audition process I heard that there was a lot of talk around it. I was super excited for my friend’s success. 

Q: Knowing so many people who are involved with this show what are your expectations for tonight?
A: I’ve been a part of Synapse’s shows before and I expect high acting values. The people I went to school with I trust very much with the art of storytelling. They are very very good at that. I don’t expect high production values, since it is New York theater, you’ve already put out a lot for the space and the venue. Synapse has been kind of dead air for a while, and this seems like it is going to be the resurrection. I think there is going to be many good things coming out of them because I think the writers have a few things on the back burner.