PRE: People at 'Dementia Americana'

Q: What was it about this Fringe show that made it look interesting to the two of you?
A: (right) My roommate is the producer. 

Q: So since you know someone who is very close to the production do you have any expectations for what this show will be like?
A: (right) Every night he comes home he is glowing. He loves his actors, he loves his director and he couldn’t be happier with all of the attention that it has been getting. He sells me on it every night. He actually wanted me to read the script two months ago before they started rehearsals. I told him no because I wanted to go in unbiased. 
A: (left) I’m a little more familiar with the story behind it, but I’ve been trying to go in to it blind so we can give him an unbiased review?

Q: Why do you think its important to go into a show blind?
A: (right) I think it creates a fresh experience. I think it is very easy to have some kind of bias if you read a play, you always have voices in your head and ideas about the characters if you’ve read through these shows. I think its nice to go in and have a fresh piece presented to me, learn along the way and form an opinion. 
A: (left) It’s also better to read the reviews after and see what you agree with and what you don’t agree with. If you read them before you can come in with a pre-formed opinion.