PRE: People at 'Financial Slavery: The College Debt Sentence'

Q: What made you want to come see this show?
A: (left) One of our good friends is one of the performers and she told us about the play and how good it is and the political implications. So we thought it would be interesting to come down and see it. 

Q: Have you seen her work before?
A: (right) We actually have worked with her a bunch on other shows.

Q: Do you have expectations for what it will be like?
A: (right) A damn good show! 

Q: Why do you think things like Fringe Festival are important for New York City?
A: (left) I think when it comes to New York we’ve always been kind of  beacon for arts and culture and it is really important to keep that alive. We are such a diverse city in so many different ways and it is important to have a unifying factor of culture in our city to make it so people get to communicate in ways that they usually don’t.