PRE: People at 'Financial Slavery: The College Debt Sentence'

Q: What made you want to come see this show?
A: (right) Embarrassingly, we are seeing a different show at this same theater later, so it was convenient. 

Q: Nothing embarrassing about that. 
A: (right) Mostly we wanted to see two in one night, but college loan stuff is kind of a big deal for everyone in our generation right now. So, it caught my eye when I did see it. 
A: (left) It seemed like it would be realistic, not to far out there.

Q: Why do you think Fringe Festival is important for New York City?
A: (right) I think it is important to get new theater out there. It is so expensive to actually produce a show and festivals are important to be able to see new work and get new playwrights, new directors and new actors involved. It also puts way more shows up in a short period of time. 
A: (left) Yeah, what she said.