PRE: People at 'Boy Who Tricked Me'

Q: What made you want to come see this show?
A: One of my friends is in it. His name is Larry Owens, he is an actor in the show. 

Q: Do you have any expectations?
A: Well, Larry is brilliant. I’m not really that well versed in theater, so I feel like I’m Larry’s friend coming to see theater who never sees theater. It is always great. 

Q: What is it that you think is so brilliant about the way that he performs?
A: He is an incredible singer, he is an amazing actor. His comedic timing is so sharp. He is very rigorous. He has always expanded my mind when it comes to seeing stuff. We went to high school together and the amount of knowledge he has about the whole world of theater… he is like an encyclopedia. I feel like I’ve had a very particular experience with theater via him. I don’t have a lot of other friends in New York who are involved with that. He is kind of my connection to all of that.