PRE: People at 'Boy Who Tricked Me'

Q: What made you want to see this show tonight?
A: I actually worked with Ben on another project, I’m a big fan of his work. It was a game called Peter Panic, a mobile game that is also a musical. 

Q: What is it that you like about his work?
A: It’s full of joy. It’s very earnest. 

Q: So having worked with him before, what are you expecting from the show tonight?
A: I’ve actually seen it before. 

Q: What made you want to come check it out again?
A: I loved it the first time and when I like shows I seem them obsessively and I don’t know how many times I will get to see this, so I needed to come?

Q: Why do you like to see things multiple times?
A: I like plays and musicals better than movies and people always watch movies over and over, so I don’t see the difference.