PRE: People at 'The School for Scandal'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What was it about this show that made you decide to come see it tonight?
A: (right) I know nothing about this show, but for once I got off early from work and I googled Off Broadway shows and this is the first thing that had tickets, so I purchased them and I hope it’s good. 

Q: What is it that you do for work?
A: (right) I’m a resident (medicine). 

Q: Having this surprise early night why did you decide to spend it seeing a show?
A: (right) I love the theater. Ever since I started residency I never get a chance to go see anything. So this is really exciting to finally get back to what I love. 

Q: What is it about live theater that you love so much?
A: You’re immersed in this experience, these are actual people. Every now and again there is that exciting potential for something to go a little bit off script. No performance is the same! I just love it.

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