PRE: People at 'Romeo and Juliet'

Q: What was it about this production of Romeo and Juliet that made you want to come see it?
A: (right) In Montclair I have a dance teacher and the girl playing Juliet is her daughter. So we are here to see her perform. 
A: (left) That’s right. We are here to see Ayana Workman. 

Q: Knowing someone that is in the show, do you have any expectations for tonight?
A: (right) I’m really hoping that I like it. She is an amazing actor, I’ve seen her in some of the classes that I take so I’m really hoping that I see all of that in this performance. 

Q: So it sounds like you do a little bit of acting yourself…
A: (right) Yeah, I take a dance class, an acting class and a drama class all with her mother. 
A: (left) And I’m just here supporting him. We are here for his experience.