PRE: People at 'Southern Comfort'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What brings you out to the show tonight?

A: (left) This theater just has such  great reputation. They are kind of nailing everything right now. 

Q: What else have you seen here that you felt like they nailed?

A: (left) They just nailed Hamilton, which everybody knows. Eclipsed just transferred. Of course going back a couple of years: Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson and Fun Home. I think this might be another win. 

Q: You sound like a big supporter of the Public, what is it that you like about seeing shows here?

A: (left) It’s a little indie, but still so quality. 

A: (right) I’ve never actually been here before. I’m here just because she invited me. I’ve never seen a show here, but it looks quite nice. 


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$20 General Rush

Southern Comfort
The Public
thru Mar. 27