PRE: People at 'Each Brought Some Silences'

Q: What brings the two of you out to this show this afternoon? 
A: (left) Our friend from college wrote it. 
A: (right) She wrote it and she is acting in it. We just moved back to the city a week ago, so we are excited to be here to support her. 

Q: Do you have any expectations of what the show will be like?
A: (right) I remember when she wrote the script a few years ago I got to read it and it was really scary for her to let someone read it. I then left the city and he went to a staged reading of it. I read it at the beginning, he heard it in the middle and today we get to come together and see it in completion. I'm just really excited to see her bravery and courage in putting something out there. 
A: (left) When I went to the reading I just thought it was really, really good. I was really proud of her for doing it. I'm always just so impressed by people who can write. 
A: (right) We also haven't seen her yet. So it will be exciting to watch her work and then we will celebrate after the show.