PRE: People at 'Each Brought Some Silences'

Q: What was it about this show that looked interesting to you?
A: I looked at all of the listings for The Fringe and I picked out about 11 I wanted to see. This one, I looked at the trailer for it and it seemed like it was exploring a lot of different ideas about what people bring as they go through an experience in life. I'm still not totally sure what the show is about, but the fact that the name is Each Brought Some Silences kind of makes me think about what each person is carrying as they go through life. 

Q: How many shows have you seen during The Fringe Festival so far?
A: This is going to be my fourth. I just saw a third one just now. I love The Fringe Festival. I've seen some really cool things and I've seen some really weird things here. They've all been really great experiences. Fringe offers people a wide range of experiences.