PRE: People at 'Interludes: A New (Orleans) Play'

"This is my first year living in New York. I moved here for grad school and I'm getting my MFA in acting. So theater is kinda what I do. I love the theater world. I love everything about it. And having this experience has given me the flip-side of being an actor. I'm able to see everything happen from a logistical standpoint in the acting world. It's a great way to throw yourself into the theater world of New York. There are so many different kinds of shows, people, and connections. Especially for students, it's an amazing experience. It is a lot of work, but an amazing experience for people who just come and see theater, it's one of those things where there is nothing else like it."

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Interludes: A New (Orleans) Play
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August: Sat 20 @ 1 | Wed 24 @ 9:45 | Fri 26 @ 4:45