PRE: People at 'Boy Who Tricked Me'

Q: What brings you out to the show tonight? 
A: I’ve actually seen it once before. I have a mutual friend with the composer and that is why I saw it originally. I brought a couple of my friends, we loved it and so this time I got a big group together to come and see it. 

Q: What is it that you loved so much about it?
A: It was just fun. I loved the music, Ben is an incredible composer and because I know him he shared the Soundcloud with me and I’ve listened to it a bit, but that isn’t the same as having the performance there. The actors will interact with the audience, they will ask audience members questions about people that they’ve dated and that is really great. They have great chemistry. They are specifically talking about being a guy dating a guy, but I feel like a lot about what they talk about are also relationship problems that everyone can relate to. It’s a great 20-something show. 

Q: Why do you like shows that have an interactive element to them?
A: Well plays in general are really repeatable because they are organic and no performance is the same. But then especially when you are interacting with the audience and bouncing off of them.