PRE: People at 'Privacy'

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Q: What was it about Privacy that made you want to come check it out?
A: I actually have a friend who is working on the show and I’m on book for them tonight since they are still in previews. I’m excited to see how they use technology and social media. It seems like a really cool idea. 

Q: Have you been on book for shows here before?
A: No, this is my first time. I’m an actress, so I’m interested to see how much they need me, if they are already off book, what that process is at this stage of performance. 

Q: Why is it important to come out and support new pieces of theater?
A: It’s so hard to break into this industry and there are so many amazing classics out there, but there is also so much new theater that is relevant to us now. If people don’t come and see it, it won’t be able to be done, so it’s really important to come out and support new artists and new works. Just to let it touch your life. 

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