PRE: People at 'Dot'

Q: What was it about this show that made you want to come check it out?

A: I know the writer very well and I didn’t get a chance to see one of his last shows in New York and I’ve been meaning to come see this for a very long time. I work at another show, so trying to come and see other shows can be difficult. I had the day off so the opportunity presented itself and I got a ticket. 

Q: What show are you currently working on?

A: I work at School of Rock. I’m one of the merch managers. 

Q: Why is it important to come out and see the work of others in the theater world?

A: The theater community is really insular, but we are also a huge family. Supporting each other is very important and word of mouth is very important. It’s nice to get to see people’s skill sets and learn from other people. 

Q: Do you have any expectations for what tonight will be like?

A: None. I have no idea, I’m going in blind on purpose. I like to be surprised. Working in theater sometimes being surprised is very rare. I like to not know about certain shows—especially downtown shows.