People at: '39 Steps'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What brings you out to the show tonight?

A: I actually did not know until 30 seconds ago that this was the show I was coming to. I’m meeting my husband. We are going on a date and he did not tell me what we were seeing. It was a surprise. I did however have the instructions to watch the Hitchcock movie 39 Steps last night and then not to google it. I watched the 1935 movie, then I didn’t google it and so here we are, seeing that very show. 

Q: Did being told to watch that movie last night give you any hints about about what you might be seeing tonight?

A: I hadn’t heard that this show was currently running in New York. I assumed it was something more tangentially related. I figured it was a show or a performance of some kind, but I did not know that 39 Steps itself was being performed in New York. 

Q: How often does he plan surprise dates for the two of you?

A: We don’t go on a lot of surprise dates, so it is very nice that we are going on one. 


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