PEOPLE AT: FringeNYC's 'Divine Intervention'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: How did you guys pick this show?

A: (right) He is the one who is really amazing at picking out all kinds of great things to see.

A: (left) I’m a big John Waters fan, so it was a logical fit.

A: (right) I’m also a big Divine fan and lover of the myth around her as a performer.

Q: It sounds like the two of your see theater regularly—how often do you go see something?

A: (right) We see a lot of different stuff. It’s not just theater – it’s ballet, music, all different arts.

Q: How do you decide what things you will go out and see?

A: (right) That’s the really hard thing. There is so much to choose from. Stuff like this, which is less advertised and less mainstream can easily get lost in the millions of things.

A: (left) I get a lot of email. The Fringe is every year, so you know sometime in the early fall, there will be something happening.

A: (right) I also think it is connected to seeing a lot of art. If you see a lot of art and you see a lot of different types of things, you start to become more aware. Not just of the stuff that is in the center, but the orbital stuff. The stuff that goes around the regular things that people see.