PEOPLE AT: FringeNYC's 'The Weird Tree'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: You guys have a play in the festival—why is it important to come and support the other companies that have things playing at Fringe?

A: (middle left) I think Fringe tries to build a community, like we went to a mixer that we all enjoyed. And we are all going through the same experience. We want people to see our shows, so we understand that they want people to see their shows. I also want to see what the other people are doing too. We are a part of this. Why not take advantage of it?

Q: How many things have you been able to check out so far?

A: (middle right) I was able to see a Fringe Jr show with my kids and it was wonderful. After the show I got to talk to the actors who were there and I said, “Hey! Fringe sees Fringe!” And they were ecstatic that we had come to see their show.