PEOPLE AT: 'Me & Mr. Jones: My Intimate Relationship with David Bowie'

 Photo by Olivia Beteta

Photo by Olivia Beteta

Q: What sparked this passion for theater?

A: When I was in 4th grade I had this feeling in my stomach. They were doing auditions for Robin Hood and I didn’t care about Robin Hood at all, but I had this gut feeling that I had to get up and try out. I was really shy as a kid, but I tried out and I got a part.

Q: So you were like “This is it!”

A: Haha well, I don’t know if that was the ‘this is it moment’, but I knew I had to keep trying.

Q: When you’re not on stage, what do you do? Are you actively writing, producing – how do you get your kicks, I guess, is what I’m asking.

A: I teach at a Montessori school, I’m the drama teacher at Brooklyn Heights. I teach first through eighth graders…They're really fun to work with, especially fourth through eighth grade because they are so uninhibited but are mature to really come up with some great ideas.