PEOPLE AT: 'It Shoulda Been You'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: Are you visiting the city this week or do you guys live here?

A (right): I go to college here, at FIT, but we are visiting for the day.

A (left): From Dutchess County.

Q: Nice—well what made you pick this show?

A (right): I know one of the producers, Patty Baker, I’m part of Baker Scholars at FIT, so we got to come through her.

Q: Knowing one of the producers, do you know anything about the show?

A (right): She talked a little bit about it, but she kind of wanted us to be more surprised than anything. I’ve seen the commercial, but honestly I don’t know too much about what we are walking into which is kind of exciting.

A (left): For me, I just love museums and I love shows. The commercials are vague as to what is actually going on. I’m excited to enjoy the evening and have a great time with my daughter.


It Shoulda Been You

Brook Atkinson Theatre

thru September 13