PEOPLE AT: The Upper Room

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: Where did you get your tickets for The Upper Room?

A: TDF, actually. This is my second show of the day. It is a really special ‘fill the well’ day.

Q: Is there an occasion that you are squeezing two into one day?

A: I’m a mom and I’m also an actress. I rarely get to soak up what is out there. Jeremy is a really wonderful director and he has directed me in a few things, so I really wanted to support him. Jeremy directed me in a piece a few months ago and we rehearsed on a piece of the set from The Upper Room—the table. It is this beautiful wooden globe of a table. We were throwing together this other piece and I had to ask, what is this set? He started to describe the experience of this play. It has been several years in the making I think. I was so intrigued. This table and the chairs that are around it. He is a very talented man. I just knew I had to see it. I think I bought the ticket two months ago.

Q: Is there anything in particular about Jeremy’s work that makes it important for you to support?

A: I think good theater makes us better people and it helps us understand ourselves - hopefully it changes us a little bit. I think it is important to support artists with as much creativity and things going on inside of them, like Jeremy does. He makes the world vibrate differently because of what he is making. I personally am going because I want to feel the reverb of that.