PEOPLE AT: 'The Upper Room'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What brought you out to see this show tonight?

A: The guy who hired me at my work gave me a free ticket.

Q: How often do you end up coming and seeing shows?

A: Probably about on a week or so. Recently, I saw Cabaret and I had been on this slew of terrible Broadway shows. Then I saw Cabaret… It was neat, it was like a club, and there was Alan Cumming - who is great! After that, I saw a ton of smaller plays. I just had to see every single theater. Little theater is just so much more experimental and fun.

Q: What do you like about seeing shows in smaller spaces?

A: You can just see so much more. The character’s faces are just right there. You can connect better. It is more than just sheer entertainment.