PEOPLE AT: 'Macbeth'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: Macbeth is a classic piece of theater, what made you want to come see the show at The Public tonight?

A: (left) I love Shakespeare and my son is actually studying Macbeth.

A: (right) All of Shakespeare.

Q: So have you read the book yet?

A: (right) I read a summary of it. It seemed like one of Shakespeare’s darker plays out of the three that I read about. It seemed not as child friendly. A little darker, like Romeo and Juliet.

Q: Was there a specific reason you chose The Public to see it?

A: (left) I just love The Public. The fact that it is 90 minutes and I think it is kind of updated is great for a 12 year old to see. And there is no intermission—so he can’t sneak out and say, 'I’m bored'. In my brain, he has to sit there for the whole 90 minutes.