PEOPLE AT: 'Macbeth'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: Why did you want to come see Macbeth tonight?

A: (left) I was reading Macbeth for a Shakespeare class and then he saw the book and was interested in it. He asked me to read the book to him. I did and he really liked it: murder, castles, kings, all of the things that an eight-year-old boy likes. I heard the Mobile Unit was doing Macbeth and I thought, 'What a coincidence!' I brought him to the talkbacks with the actors and they did a small scene to see if he would like it and he loved it. I would have come by myself, but bringing him makes it even more special.

Q: So it’s your first Shakespeare play—how do you feel?

A: (right) I’m excited, happy and entertained!