PEOPLE AT: 'Hand to God'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: How often do the two of you come see theater in New York?

A: (left) We work in theater, so all the time—or never.

A: (right) Not as often as we would like. So when we have time, we like to come see shows and support the industry.

Q: What do the two of you do?

A: (right) We're stage managers.

Q: When you go see a show on Broadway what kinds of things are you paying attention to?

A: (left) I’m looking to not be paying attention to anything - because then, you know it is a good show.

A: (right) As soon as you start paying attention to the scenery or the costumes or the cuing, the play has lost you. That is when we start looking up at the lighting rig, wondering where the calls are coming from. When you’ve lost a theater person, they will start picking it all apart.


$27 General Rush

Hand to God
Booth Theatre
thru July 26