PEOPLE AT: 'Evita'

Photo by Olivia Beteta

Photo by Olivia Beteta

Q: Why did you choose to see Evita today?

A: (right) This is actually my second time seeing it. My boyfriend is in the production and I just love the live production.

Q: You know, I've never seen Evita on stage. I've only seen the movie with Madonna. 

A: (left) Oh it's incomparable! There is so much more life in the stage production that is washed out in the movie.

Q: Why do you enjoy musicals, and theater?

A: (right) I'm an actor - actually we are both actors. I've always wanted to be an actor and was always involved in the arts – whether it be plays or orchestra. 

Q: Oh wow, well how did you first get started?

A: (right) The first thing I ever did was this elementary school play. It was Christmas themed and I was Santa and I just never stopped. 

Q: Why did you choose to be an actor instead of, say, a director or musician?

A: (right) I did the whole college thing. I got my degree in psychology and started teaching dramatic arts. But when I was teaching, I realized I don't need to just talk; I need to do. As for acting, I like the idea of being someone else, like wearing a mask that I can take off and put on.