PEOPLE AT: Catch Me If You Can

 Photo by Olivia Beteta

Photo by Olivia Beteta

Q: Why are you going to the theater today?

A: (Right) It's really very serendipitous. 

Q: What do you mean?

A: (Left) My son is in the show...

A: (Right) My grandson.

A: (Left) We met today. I flew in from Florida

A: (Right) And I flew in from North Carolina. We’re keeping it a secret. 

Q: That's great! Why do you choose to go to the theater, aside from supporting a family member?

A: (Left) I love how theater can take you to a different place when the curtain goes up and what goes on will be something different than what happened the day before or the next day. When you walk out you, either leave singing or thinking something you didn't go in thinking.