People at: 'Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: How are you affiliated with The Flea [Theater]?

A: I work here. I’m the Marketing Associate.

Q: As someone who works here why are you looking forward to seeing this show tonight?

A: I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Haley, who is the playwright. I think it is a completely fun, creepy, stellar show with a ridiculously amazing cast. It has been a blast to have Joel Schumacher here directing it. It’s kind of all the things that I love in one place.

Q: As an employee of The Flea I’m sure you’ve seen chunks of the show in rehearsals…

A: Oh yeah. I watched the full run during the final dress, during previews, this is like my third time seeing it, but I’m still excited about it. I think now that we are officially done with previews and we are on to press performances I get to sort of relax and enjoy the show a bit more—as opposed to listening for sound cues and looking for specific things. I just get to have fun now. 


Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

The Flea Theater

thru December 20