People at: 'Fool For Love'

 Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: How did you hear about this show and what made you want to check it out?

A: (left) Aside from us having studied Sam Shepard and knowing the play...

A: (right) We go to Columbia’s acting program and our voice teacher was the coach for Sam Rockwell. So we are very curious to see him.

A: (left) We’ve heard a lot of good things about how hard he has been working.

A: (right) He is a very method actor, so he has been practicing the lasso for months before he even started rehearsing.

Q: As students of theater, when you come see a show what kinds of things are you paying attention to?

A: (right) It is really hard for actors to watch plays because it is really hard to concentrate on the story and the play and not just watch the actors working. I’m always looking for choices—what are people doing with text in combination with their action. I also look for stage pictures now.

A: (left) For me, once things start surprising me and I can’t tell what is going to happen then I’m interested in and I’m leaning forward. If I’m guessing what is going to happen I’m out of the show. 


Fool For Love

Samuel J. Friedman Theater

thru December 13